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Dolce Gusto Reusable Capsule Cup Refillable Nescafe Coffee Capsule Filter Cup

Dolce Gusto Reusable Capsule Cup Refillable Nescafe Coffee Capsule Filter Cup

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Product: Reusable capsule
Composition: Plastic
Weight: 10.5g
Size: 5.4x3.5 cm
Contains: 1 Unit
Make your drinks yourself by spending very little. Save!!!

Compatible With Models:
-Mini Me
-Genio Ii

Product Features:
-There is no limit for use, in most cases it can be used hundreds of times
-It is made of materials that do not harm your health.
-Environmentally friendly product, as it is reusable and does not generate waste after use.
-It has sealing ring to prevent leaks.

How to use:
-Just open the lid, put the powder on your favorite drink (cappuccino, tea, coffee) and after closing the lid.
-The capsule has a hole in the lid, which allows the needle to enter.
-The correct position according to your machine should be observed
-You can use regular coffee, milk powder, cappuccino and use your imagination to make your drink customize.

❓Frequently Asked Questions❓
-Is the product new and original?
✅Yes, All Our Products Are New and Original.
-Do you have the ready delivery?
✅Yes, All Our Announced Products Have Stock In Brazil For Immediate Shipping.
-What is the Posting Time?
✅After Confirmation of Purchase we will ship your product at the maximum 24 hours via post office.

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